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Enabling safe and effective power generation

Every power generation plant manager is under pressure to produce more units — oftentimes with insufficient staff and vintage equipment. We're innovating to keep you up and running.

Generating solutions in the face of increasing challenges

With an ever-increasing need to keep generating units up and running, aging facilities and demanding regulations often lead to increased costs and reduced reliability. By 2035 there will be a need for an additional 250 gigawatts of power in the U.S. alone, but environmental regulations have frozen CapEx at many fossil-fuel generating plants. Today's power plants have to address these challenges, while also thinking about the future of renewable energy. Our focus is on providing the most reliable products and services to help you manage system control, drive efficiencies and improve safety.

Extend the life of your equipment and expand the power of your staff

It's the same story for many power generation plants: big pressure to produce more generators to increase revenue with a large loss in headcount through retirements and downsizing. On top of that, much of the plant's equipment could be up to 50 years old and past its useful service life.
We can help support virtually every testing, maintenance and repair program with highly scalable staff and resources. Our life extension solutions keep your existing equipment up and running, while our switching, control and monitoring solutions help enable safe and effective power generation - helping you protect your people, process and even the planet.

A working smart grid that's a model in energy intelligence

Portland General Electric turns to Eaton to create a first-of-its-kind energy storage system for a working smart grid.