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    Find out how to access Power Quality products, tools and resources through this helpful guide.

The US Power Quality (PQ) site has moved and all the information that used to be on the old website, including product documents and specifications, channel program details, firmware updates, and white papers, can now be found on Eaton.com. In order to help our users, we've organized this guide with guick links and useful information. 

At any point on the site, if you have trouble finding something, you can ask a question and receive an answer directly on the page by clicking the question mark on the left side of your screen. And we welcome any feedback you have about the site experience. Feedback can be submitted at any time via the blue Feedback button on the right side of your screen. 

Power Quality product list

All the product categories can be found through the products menu at the top of the page. 

Services, including PredictPulse monitoring, preventive maintenance contracts, UPS startup and trainings can all be found under the services menu at the top of the page.