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Resettable devices

Eaton’s Bussmann series Positive Temperature Coefficient (PTC) resettable devices offer overcurrent protection in a wide variety of applications.  They feature a polymer based construction that provides exponentially increasing resistance during fault conditions to form a tripped state which helps protect downstream circuit components from damaging overcurrents.  Upon removal of the fault, the PTC resettable device will return to a low resistance state and allow for continued operation.  
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PTR016V Resettable device

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PTR030V Resettable device

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PTR060V Resettable device

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PTS1206 Resettable device

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PTS1812 Resettable device

Eaton's circuit protection portfolio

Eaton features Bussmann™ Series circuit protection products including one-time fuses, accompanying fuse accessories, overvoltage and ESD suppressors, and PTC resettable devices.

Automotive electronic solutions

Circuit protection, power magnetics and supercapacitor electronic components designed for automotive applications.