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Edison series Class RK1 Fuses

Edison offers a complete lineup of UL Class RK1 fuses with the LENRK and LESRK dual-element, time-delay fuses along with the NCLR and SCLR fast-acting fuses.

Edison series Class J Fuses

Edison's UL Class J fuse products are offered in both Dual-Element Time-Delay (JDL) and Fast-Acting (JFL) types. Both types have 200,000 amp interrupting rating at 600Vac RMS Sym amps. Their small phy...

Edison series Class RK5 Fuses

Edison's UL Class RK5 dual-element, time-delay fuses provide economical solutions to overcurrent protectioni. Available in both 250Vac and 600Vac, with 200kA RMS Sym interrupting ratings and sizes ran...

Edison series Class CC Fuses

Edison offers a complete line of Class CC fuses to meet your circuit and equipment protection needs. These branch circuit rated compact fuses rated 600v, and delivering 200,000a IR Vac Sym provide exc...

Edison series Class T Fuses

Edison's Class T current-limiting, fast-acting fuses. Provides 10X better current limitation to help prevent equipment damage caused by short-circuit events. 200 kA Interrupting rating complies with N...

Edison series Supplemental Fuses - Midget

Edison offers a broad selection of Supplemental and Midget Fuses in both Time-delay and Fast-acting designs with voltages as high as 600Vac and 600Vdc

Edison series Class L Fuses

Edison Class L fuses, Catalog Numbers LCL time-delay or LCU fast acting are recommended for high capacity main, feeder or branch circuits in power distribution systems and for special applications suc...

Edison series Class G Fuses

Edison's SEC type fuses are UL Class G and provide fast-acting (1/2-6 A) and time-delay (7-60 A) characteristics for circuit protection needs. SEC fuses are size rejecting in terms of their overall le...