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Sounder VAD detector base for addressable fire systems
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Sounder VAD detector base for addressable fire systems

The compliant, fire approved sounder visual alarm device (VAD) detector base, is one of the most flexible and useful devices in Eaton's addressable range of fire devices.

Including are all the features of the addressable sounder detector base, as well as a powerful LED beacon. Meeting the 4 lux output, the LED beacon is certified to be used as an open class VAD.

There are two main options when specifying either adding a detector to create a sounder VAD detector or adding a cover plate to form a discrete sounder VAD. The device is compatible with Eaton's full range of addressable detectors and fire systems.

Use either standalone with cover plate or with detector
Selectable tones and volume
Approved to EN54-23 and CoP 0001

Adjustable volume settings - whats the benefit?

Three volume options are available: Low volume (83dB), Medium volume (90dB) or High volume (93db). Being able to choose to have the sounder at a low volume can be a power saving measure. If there is no need to have the sounder at a higher volume, more devices can be connected.

One connection point. Three devices. Multiple tones.

The range reduces installation points from three to one by providing a single connection for the detector, sounder and visual alarm device (VAD). Reducing the cost and space required for fire rated cable while also enabling a less cluttered finish. It is particularly applicable to concrete ceilings with limited space for cabling.

Easily customizable tones changed from the panel

A number of tones are available out of the box with Eaton's sounder VAD detector base including: Continuous, Pulsed, Two-tone and Slow whoop (which can have a 3.5 or 0.5-second gap between output).

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