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Front Access Arc-resistant Magnum DS low voltage switchgear

Front Access Arc-resistant Magnum DS low voltage switchgear

Eaton front access arc-resistant switchgear provides the safety and protection of C37.20.7 arc-resistant construction but with the flexibility of an innovative front-accessible design. This unique switchgear design allows for mounting against a wall while protecting operating and maintenance personnel from potentially dangerous arcing events.

LVA front access arc resistant 500x500
Up to 600 V
Up to 6000 A
Up to 100 kAIC

Core features

  • Front-accessible cable compartment 22, 30 or 44 inches wide
  • Third party tested the ANSI/IEEE C37.20.7 test guide for arc-resistant switchgear
  • Draw-out low voltage power circuit breakers while maintaining Type 2B rating Engineered-to-order configurations available to accommodate a wide range of applications
  • Complies with UL® 1558 safety standard
  • 54-inch switchgear depth
  • Up to 4-high breaker arrangement
  • 30 cycle (0.5 second) short-time withstand rating
  • Up to 10,000A continuous current –horizontal main bus
  • Up to 5,000A continuous current – vertical riser bus
  • Plenum & direct venting available to direct arc gasses to top of the enclosure
  • Silver plated copper bus standard, tin plated optional
  • NEMA 1 enclosure, with either top or bottom cable or bus duct entry 

Automatic Transfer Schemes

When providing redundant power sources for critical power applications, specify the:

- Eaton ATC-900 controller for lineups with main-main, main-generator or generator-generator applications

- Eaton PLC with Eaton touchscreen for automatic main-tie-main transfer

- Eaton Power Xpert™ Dashboard to monitor or control transfer schemes for a main-tie-main and adjust settings and sequence details

It’s good to have options.

Whether you need a service entrance rating, infrared scanning windows or safety shutters, Magnum DS low voltage switchgear can be engineered to support your new and existing installation.
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