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Magnum circuit breakers

Eaton’s Magnum DS Low-voltage Power Circuit Breakers offer the highest ANSI interrupting and withstand ratings in the industry in the smallest physical size and are the most easily maintained ANSI circuit breakers on the market. Magnum SB are insulated-case power circuit breakers designed for the performance and economic requirements of UL 891. Both are ideal for switchgear and switchboards, providing excellent safety, flexibility, and a high level of performance. Magnum breakers for IEC and DC applications are also available.

Zone-selective interlocking
Arc flash reduction

Helping communities meet healthcare capacity requirements

The COVID-19 crisis requires unprecedented field hospitals and testing facilities. That's why we're working with the healthcare industry, contractors and consultants to deliver expertise and power management support where it matters.

Core features

  • The DC switch provides disconnect and switching to meet demanding industry standards – UL 1066, UL 489, IEC 60947-2
  • Common accessories with the Magnum AC line of power circuit breakers reduces inventory and integration time
  • Fixed and drawout versions address important design criteria, balancing cost, size and serviceability
  • Internationally approved factory-installed and installed in the accessories identical to the Magnum air circuit breaker offering

Increase your safety

Eaton's Arc Flash Reduction Maintenance system reduces arc flash energy, helping to keep you and workers safe in critical applications include solar and data centers.

Improve your coordination

Enhanced zone selective interlocking improves your coordination, and maximizes system uptime allowing downstream overcurrent devices to clear local faults.
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