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MPI inductor

Eaton’s MPI family of high-current, low-profile inductors are in very in small form factors which make them well suited for mobile applications and devices. The

MPI20-V1 family consists of a 2.2 mm x 1.8 mm footprint surface-mounted package, in a height of 1.00 mm.  Current range is from 2.2 A to 5.5 A. Inductance range is from 0.47 uH to 2.2 uH.

MPI25-V2 family consists of a 2.7 mm x 2.2 mm footprint surface-mounted package in heights of 1.05 mm and 1.25 mm.  Current range is from 1.2 A to 7.5 A. Inductance range is from 0.33 uH to 4.7 uH. 

The MPI40-V2 family consists of a 4.75 mm x 4.45 mm footprint surface-mounted package in 1.2 mm, 1.5 mm and 2.0 mm heights. Current range is from 1.2 A to 22 A.  Inductance range is from 0.1 uH to 22 uH.

All families are magnetically shielded for low EMI. MPI power inductors can be used in several mobile applications including smart phones, handheld equipment, tablets, e-readers, digital cameras, wearable devices, notebooks and laptops, and portable media players.


High power density
Compact, low-profile package

Eaton advances its low profile inductor offering with MPI(A)25V2

Eaton’s electronics division introduces MPI25xxV2 (commercial grade) & MPIA25xxV2 (automotive grade), our latest advancement in power magnetics designed to meet automotive electronics power and thermal handling requirements...
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