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Site monitor software & web server for fire systems

Site Monitor / Webserver Software is designed to monitor Eaton's fire alarm systems enabling quick PC administration. Using a simple interface, the authorised user can view the fire alarm control panel's event history, event status, device properties and other information depending on access permissions defined by the system's administrator.

The software continually monitors network activity and records every event in rich detail. Information can then be processed and generated into HTML reports or used to trigger an automated email notification. Designed to work remotely, Site Monitor / Webserver can be accessed through the desktop client software or a web browser.

The user can quickly connect and perform vital administration wherever they are. The software also supports multiple users of which each can be assigned a particular role, meaning non-technical staff can use the software to overview the system state, while technicians can log in and manage any issues.

Improved clarity
View event history, status & device properties
Added support
Caters to a maximum of 1000 users at one time
Ease of access
Accessed through desktop client software or web browser

Eaton fire software - developed to make system management easier

Install Eaton fire software to access fire system panel and device information quickly and easily: 

  • Administer your fire system from your PC.
  • Easily manage panels and devices on the network.
  • Quickly locate fire devices that have been triggered.
  • Determine the action you need to take.
Multiple windows of Eaton's Site Monitor & Web Server software

Manage sites, anytime, anywhere

Site Monitor software has been developed with flexibility in mind. It facilitates access 24/7, enabling users to quickly connect to the network and perform vital administration tasks wherever they are.

Multiple users with dictated levels of access

The software supports multiple users who can be assigned a particular role, meaning non-technical staff can use the software to overview the system state, whilst technicians can log in and manage any issues.

Pinpoint issues, act quickly

Once installed, Site Monitor, enables users to view any networked panel, loop, zone or device, meaning that the entire fire system can be easily monitored, and any faults can be quickly acted upon.

More powerful tools

Designed to take the hassle out of installation, commissioning and maintenance, Eaton's range of addressable fire system tools and software are essential additions to aid the setup of any system.
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