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Fire system software downloads

Welcome to Eaton's fire community

Below you will find links to our latest software downloads relating to Eaton's fire system products. You can also request training from our technical team.

Software keys

To obtain keys to activate your software, or if you can't find what you're looking for, please contact our Technical Support team.


Tel: +44 (0)1302 303350

Fire systems - software downloads


Download EF-SiteMonitor software below: 

> Download v6-0-3-0 (.zip/18.7MB)

EFGVS & EFGVS Premium Designer

Download the EFGVS software below:

> Download v6-0-3-0 (.zip/24.1MB)

EFGVS Designer

Download the EFGVS Designer Pack below:

> Download v6-0-3-0 (.zip/19.1MB)


Loop Calculator

Download Loop Calculator software below:

> Download v1.2.0.4 (.zip/5.3MB)



Download CF3000-DF6000  software below:

Download Legacy Firmware (PH1) (.zip/6.2MB)

> Download Current Firmware (PH2) (.zip/832KB)

> Download application guide (2.2MB PDF)


Site Installer

Download the Site Installer software and use your license key provided by Eaton to unlock the software. Please note that licence keys are only issued to trained personnel and system partners.

> Download v3-0-8-10 (.zip / 8.2MB) 

Contact for a software key.

Fire systems training

We run half day and one day courses in installation, commissioning, maintenance and servicing, operation or fire system set-up. Our hands-on product experience will give you the confidence you need when working with Eaton fire products and systems in the real world. Courses include:

  • Special products training
  • Addressable fire: Introduction & features
  • Addressable fire: Product programming & commissioning
  • BiWire & conventional training

Please note: Our on-site or at your premises training is only available in the UK. Training for overseas delegates may be conducted via Webex.

Training calendar

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