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Memshield 3 AFDD Distribution Boards

Aligned with the recommendation of the 18th Edition IET Wiring Regulation, Eaton’s Memshield 3 distribution boards have extended their offer to include Arc Fault protection. The brand new AFDD distribution boards are fully type tested to BS EN 61439.

AFDD distribution boards are designed to protect people, property and assets against the effects of electrical faults and fire within commercial buildings. We offer a traditional vertical busbar style with associated high performance AFDDs , a wide range of accessories including optional internal SPD and a choice of metering solutions.

TP and TPSN Pole configuration
Trip rated at 10kA
Trip rated at 6kA

Core features

  • Distribution boards fully type tested to BS EN 61439
  • Associated devices are high-performance AFDDs to IEC/EN-62606, developed for commercial and industrial applications:
    - trip rated at 10kA up to 25A
    - trip rated at 6kA for 32A and 40A
  • Optional internal Surge Protection Device:
    - Type 2 surge arrester protection 
    - Type 1 and 2 combined lightning/surge arrester protection 
  • Enclosure degree of protection IP4X (when correctly installed on the wall)

  • Conditional short circuit rating 10kA to BS EN 61439

  • Enclosure body type: Steel - welded case end with cable gland plate

Fire safety in electrical installations

Electrically-ignited fires are a hidden but significant threat only recently beginning to be addressed. See how you can reduce the risk.

Get your benefits:

Memshield 3 AFDD distribution board utilizes high performance AFDDs used in residential applications and now extend its offer including Arc Fault protection within commercial buildings
  • Access to projects with high technical specifications 
  • Quick and easy-to-install –  keep projects on-schedule and on-budget
  • System components available off the shelf – faster time to market
  • No additional wiring needed –  enabling high levels of operator safety


  • Optimised compact design for 125A TPN applications
  • Three boards sizes – 14, 24 and 36 AFDD ways
  • High-performance AFDDs, trip rated at 10kA up to 25A and trip rated at 6kA for 32A and 40A
  • A choice of metering solutions
  • A wide range of accessories including optional internal SPD, multi board separation kits and alignment spacer, full profile blanking modules for unused AFDD ways, and door locking options.
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