xStorage Home makes the city of Malaunay more sustainable

Discover how xStorage Home helps the city of Malaunay in Normandy (France), optimize its collective solar self-consumption and reach EU sustainability goals.

Malaunay, a leading sustainable city

The city of Malaunay has quickly become a leading sustainable city, not only in France but also at international level. Committed to reach the 3x20 objectives set by the European Union, Malaunay started its energy transition back in 2006. Malaunay is now the first city in France to use collective self-consumption further to the installation of xStorage Home and PV panels on the roofs of public buildings.

Through a smooth energy transition

Thanks to the xStorage Home system connected to the 135 sqm of solar tiles located on the roof of the church, the city can now locally produce its own clean energy, store it and reuse it for self-consumption when needed for the church. With a back up capacity of nine hours, the energy storage system can also take over to provide the church with electric lighting in the event of an outage. The installation can also power up other public premises.

A more energy-efficient city

Today, 70% of the city's municipal buildings (nearly 19,000 m2) are powered with renewable energy. In addition to its lower environmental footprint, the city of Malaunay has also achieved cost savings on its energy bills. Taking 2006 as the starting year and considering the increase in energy prices since that year, the city's energy bill this year should have amounted to EUR 419,000. The final figure was actually EUR 204,000 representing a saving of over 50%. Furthermore, the city has not experienced a tax increase since 2004 and continues to reduce its debt. Since 2017, the city of Malaunay has been a member of the French National Association of Territories with Positive Energy (there are nearly 200 in France), focused on implementing a new energy model in France.

When we decided to embark on this adventure of collective energy self-consumption, we were looking for a partner that was able to support us technologically but, above all, a team that was motivated and willing to invest with us in this unique project. Eaton’s innovative approach immediately won us over, and it was only natural that we chose the xStorage Home solution.

Guillaume Coutey, Mayor of Malaunay

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More sustainable cities in the future

What has been set-up for the city of Malaunay is a demonstration of what can be done to make our cities more sustainable in the future.

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