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Residential automatic transfer switches

All Eaton automatic transfer switches (ATS) monitor utility and generator voltages and will automatically connect to the appropriate source of power.  Eaton offers two types of automatic transfer switches to suit your personal backup power needs. 

A standard ATS EGSX series with load shedding capabilities and the Green ATS EGSU series that provides a truly active load management solution.

Residential automatic transfer switches

Mother nature strikes when you’re least expecting it

For over 100 years, Eaton has earned a global reputation as a leader in power management. Eaton’s standby backup power solutions provide quality, reliability, and state–of–the–art load management technology to optimize cost savings benefits. Utilize an affordable, trustworthy, worry–free solution from Eaton.

Core features

  • 50, 100, 150, 200 and 400 A designs available.
  • Our standard models offer flexibility to choose the switching function best suited to applications.
  • Contractor-friendly features make installations quick and easy, which saves time and money.
  • 24-hour technical support, 7 days a week means backup power protection has minimal to no downtime.
  • All products come with competitive warranty protection, which saves money on repairs.

Reliable power solutions for a greener, safer world

Electrical loads can be intelligently managed with Eaton’s green line of Automatic Transfer Switches (ATS). This maximizes the output of a smaller generator, which reduces fuel consumption, emissions, and total cost.

Complete home surge protection

As a part of our commitment to power quality, every green ATS comes standard with Eaton’s premium surge protector. High voltage surges can damage sensitive electronic devices in the home and the transfer switch control board.

Eaton's lineup of residential automatic transfer switches


Green automatic transfer switches 

Eaton's Green ATS advanced electronics continually monitor your home’s power. In the event of an outage, automatically starts your generator to provide backup power in a safe way.  The power is transferred automatically and restored when utility power is available again. 

  • Truly active load management system - actively balances electrical loads in the home.
  • Power monitoring system allows 100% use of power output rating in the generator.
  • Universal compatibility with any single-phase generator brand.
  • RTC-100 controller with built-in intelligence.
  • Includes complete home surge protection.
  • Exceeds NEC Article 702.5 requirements for optional standby backup power systems.
  • UL 1008 Listed.

Standard automatic transfer switches

Eaton's automatic transfer switches guarantee reliable, seamless power when outages occur. They automatically transfer power to the generator when utility power fails, providing the highest protection for continuous power.

  • Available in 50 A to 400 A models.
  • Indoor/Outdoor applications. 
  • Service and non-service rated models available.
  • Includes complete home surge protection.
  • Generator ready load centers equipped with automatic transfer switches.

Generator ready load center

Eaton’s generator and automatic transfer switch (ATS) ready load centers address emergency power needs all in one simple package.  These load centers can be equipped with a factory-installed ATS kit, provide a one step process to providing automatic emergency power.

  • 22 circuits for non-essential loads and 14 emergency circuits.
  • UL Listed. 
  • Space saving, CH load center design.