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HCMA Inductor

Eaton’s HCMA product line uses pressed powder construction providing a robust high current low EMI inductor ideal for automotive applications. The HCMA product line features superior performance under harsh ambient conditions and with current ratings up to 118 A. The HCMA product line is AEC-Q200 compliant to ensure automotive grade mechanical and electrical perfomance, specifically at high operating temperatures. Their robust molded construction provides great heat dissipation and low EMI. The HCMA product has a maximum operating temperature of +125 °C.

With a variety of different SMT package sizes from 5 mm to 17 mm and inductance values up to 68 uH, the HCMA is ideal for a wide range of automotive applications anywhere in the vehicle. The HCMA is conveniently packaged in tape and reel per EIA standards.


HCMA Inductor
High current carrying capacity
AEC-Q200 compliant
Pressed powder construction with low EMI

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