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Double throw safety switches

Eaton’s double-throw safety switches include two interlocked switches with a common connection used to transfer service from a normal power source to an alternate source, or to switch from one load circuit to another. The interlock ensures both switches cannot be closed at the same time, preventing them from being operated in parallel. Additionally, double-throw safety switches are available in general duty and heavy duty as well as quick-connect options.

Double throw safety switches
Voltage Class
240 VAC, 600 VAC
Current Ratings
Fusible and non-fusible, cost-saving stacked design (600A-1200A fusible)

Core features

  • Includes two interlocked switches with a common connection
  • Offers general duty, heavy duty and quick-connect options
  • Ensures switches cannot be closed at the same time 
  • Includes a palm-fitting visible red handle, tri-lingual nameplate, and visible, embossed red ON-OFF indication 
  • Offers three- and four-point mounting options
  • Provides a stacked-switch design with fusible units (600A-1200A), which reduces wall space requirements 
  • Lowers overall installed cost by reducing the number of fuses required with its stack-switch design


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