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Fusible panelboard and switchboard switches

Eaton’s fusible panelboard and switchboard switches are designed for commercial, industrial and service entrance applications to protect and switch feeder and branch circuits. Each panelboard unit includes a switching contact structure with an instantaneous trip element. Additionally, switches are available for both existing FDPW and distribution panelboards.

Fusible panelboard and switchboard switches
Voltage Class
240 VAC, 600 VAC
Current ratings
30 A - 1200 A
Quick-make, quick-break operating mechanism, padlockable handle and door

Core features

  • Prevents the switch cover from opening with its interlock mechanism for optimized security
  • Provides a padlock in the ON or OFF position, resulting in increased safety
  • Includes fusible panelboard/switchboard switches, which provide upto 200 kAIC interrupting ratings
  • Offers multiple fusible panelboard and switch options, including 30-1200 A ratings, 240 V and 600 V
  • Acts as an upstream device in series-combination, fully rated, and selectively coordinated systems when used with current limiting fuses

Switching devices

Discover how Eaton’s switching device product line brings state-of-the art, safe designs that can even be customized to fit your unique needs.

    Customized solutions, customized service

    Regional satellite locations provide manufacturing of local, custom, and quick-ship panelboards and switchboards

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