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E67 long-range PerfectProx background suppression photoelectric sensors
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E67 long-range PerfectProx background suppression photoelectric sensors

Built sensor tough

Eaton's E67 long-range PerfectProx sensors are among the highest-performing long-range sensors available with background rejection. They are the perfect solution for the most difficult sensing applications. These sensors reliably detect targets in range regardless of variations in color, reflectance, contrast or surface shape, while ignoring objects just slightly outside the target range.

E67 Background Suppression Photoelectric Sensors

Core features of E67 long-range PerfectProx background suppression photoelectric sensors

  • Sensors offer fixed, preset ranges with no user adjustment to prevent tampering and eliminate downtime
  • PerfectProx technology provides exceptional background rejection to solve intense application challenges
  • Dual indicators communicate output and power status from an easy-to-see location at the top of the sensor housing
  • Fully sealed package provides outstanding performance in difficult application environments

Built sensor tough

The E67 long-range PerfectProx sensor was designed to solve the most difficult photoelectric sensing applications using patented optics and PerfectProx technology. Watch the video to learn more.

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Not sure if Eaton sensor and limit switch solutions are right for you? You can request samples of Eaton sensors FREE OF CHARGE to test them with your machine applications. We will make our Eaton experts available to assist with product selection and provide technical guidance so that you choose the right sensor for your needs.

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