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Microgrid and distributed energy resources

Eaton’s Microgrid Energy Systems helps companies facilitate electrical energy savings, resiliency and independence from a utility. By integrating generation sources on a common grid structure, users gain a reliable, scalable and efficient solution to unexpected power loss while enhancing cybersecurity. Eaton works with customers offering turnkey services on the concept, design, cost, implementation and maintenance of the entire system. 

Watch an overview of Eaton's microgrid capabiities.

Scalable and repeatable
Meets any application size
Sources/loads uniquely configured
Reliable and resilient
Utility-proven solution

Core features

  • Microgrid assures energy resiliency and independence from a utility while helping to ensure cybersecurity
  • An advanced controller, the Power Xpert Energy Optimizer™ controller, maintains system stability and optimizes distributed energy resources for energy savings (ROI),  peak shaving, intelligent islanding and more
  • Feasibility studies offer a careful analysis of risks and needs specific to each situation
  • Virtual microgrid testing in a closed loop simulation test ensures system functionality and control integrity before it arrives at your site
  • Multiple distributed generation sources — including generators, solar, wind and energy storage — can be integrated on a common grid structure
  • Eaton’s Microgrid system includes system optimization software; automation and product services; LV load control; smart inverter suite; supporting electrics; smart MV grid-tie connection; and utility automation products

Achieve energy resiliency and uptime

The reliability of the U.S. power grid has been significantly compromised by factors such as aging equipment, lack of maintenance, insufficient infrastructure and the proliferation of energy-hungry devices. With the ability to isolate from the primary grid, microgrids have emerged as an ideal solution to assure energy resiliency, independence from utilities, islanding, load control and optimized energy usage.

Eaton’s Microgrid Energy System concept includes:

  • System optimization software
  • Automaton and product services
  • LV load control
  • Smart inverter suite
  • Supporting electrics
  • Smart MV grid-tie connection
  • Utility automation products

Eaton’s flexible Power Xpert Energy Optmizer controller includes:

  • Local and system controllers
  • Local HMI and historian
  • Configured programming
  • Modular, scalable & repeatable solution
  • Powerful control functions

Electrification for remote communities

A recent project in Canada is demonstrating how we can increase sustainable power usage even when there’s no utility grid nearby. Similar principles can be applied to isolated and “off grid” communities, institutions and businesses to improve sustainability and reduce our dependence on fossil fuels.

We made it easy for Fort Custer’s microgrid

Learn how Eaton worked with The Department of Defense to develop a microgrid at Fort Custer in Michigan. This microgrid provided valuable experience for seamless transitions between grid-connected and islanded operation, and experience with a high concentration of dynamic and nonlinear loads.

Discover if a microgrid is right for you

There are numerous benefits from a microgrid yet because requirements and specifications are highly unique to every organization, developing a microgrid requires a careful analysis. From understanding optimal configuration and components to determining the most economical way to power your microgrid while keeping it resilient, Eaton’s team of experienced engineers can provide a cost-effective microgrid feasibility study for building a system that maximizes uptime and reliability, while also addressing financial factors.

Making microgrids work – and advance power resiliency

Microgrids provide a platform to keep the power on and operate critical assets over long periods of time while isolated from a damaged or failed grid. Learn how feasibility studies, virtual microgrids and selecting the right partner are essential to advancing your power resiliency.

Gain comprehensive control

Eaton’s Power Xpert Energy Optimizer  microgrid  controller is a flexible control system that enables easy system configuration, commissioning and future adaptability to changing system assets. The controller maintains system stability, shaves peak demand, shifts loads, and helps achieve lowest total cost of operation, maximized renewable energy and utility demand response functionality.

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Safety first

As one of the largest and most experienced teams in the industry, Eaton strives to create a zero-incident culture through the implementation of our Safety Policy including division safety managers, layered risk assessments and a voice of the customer campaign. You can rest assured that every Eaton service professional is dedicated to continually improving our environmental health and safety performance through prevention, protection and preparation.
engineer inspecting switchgear

It’s all about you

Eaton’s engineering services team is dedicated to understanding your business so we can optimize your power system for safety, reliability and efficiency. With more than 1,500 experts in 60 locations throughout Canada and the U.S., and more around the world trained on major manufacturers’ equipment, our experienced engineers can diagnose problems, identify ways to improve performance, and transform concepts into practical solutions. With 24/7 support, we are available whenever you need us.

Turnkey solutions

From equipment modernization/upgrade to complete design, construction and commissioning of a new substation, Eaton’s turnkey power system team has the expertise and resources to design and manage your entire project from start to finish. Achieve a safer, more reliable and cost-efficient power system and the convenience of a single point of contact to reduce risk, schedule and budget.