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Remote terminal unit (RTU) turnkey replacement services

Sample RTU replacement project flow:

1.      Site walk and define the project scope with all appropriate utility teams

a.      Compare existing substation drawings against field equipment and on-site drawings

b.      Take site measurements to ascertain space availability

2.      Provide a detailed project scope document and proposal including:

a.      outage schedule

b.      equipment bill of material

c.      design requirements

d.      installation and commissioning

3.      Work closely with key utility stakeholders to ensure approval of drawings per customer codes and standards

4.      Complete RTU and relay programming per master SCADA standards

5.      Involve all key stakeholders early on and throughout the project, allowing for cost control and outage and on-time delivery of the project

6.      If needed, utilize experienced subcontractors overseen by Eaton, providing for a single point of contact and smooth project management of all aspects of the project, even if multiple sites are being completed in parallel

7.      Scale up to meet project resource requirements in order to complete multiple projects simultaneously, allowing for critical project timeframes to be met


Smart Grid

Recloser and Capacitor Control

Sample smart grid system project flow including implementation of 2-way capacitor bank controls and smart sensors:

1.      Planning and scoping

2.      Resource plan

3.      Documentation plan (policies, procedures and manuals)

4.      Identification of participating and affected departments

5.      Schedule and key milestones

6.      Training plan

7.      Provisioning and installation; in-service activation

8.      Commissioning and start-up 


Network protector engineering installation and commissioning services

Sample scope of work:

1.      Project management and execution with a dedicated project manager

2.      Engineering and design of the underground network protector monitoring systems

3.      Installation of a communication assembly enclosure

4.      Installation of conduit and wire

5.      Replace network protective relays with new, modern-type relays

6.      Startup, commissioning and point-point verification of monitoring system

7.      SCADA programming and integration

8.      System training


Protective relay design, install and commissioning support

Sample scope of work for turnkey project:

1.      Install new relay rack with network equipment to trip the generator breakers

2.      Connect voltage and current to each relay for calculating generator power at the station

3.      Wire each relay trip output contact to the breaker trip coils at the station in parallel with existing traditional relay circuits

4.      Connect the breaker failure indication contacts on each relay at the station to the initiation inputs on in the customer’s breaker failure protection scheme

5.      Wire a relay failure output contact and a channel failure output to the existing RTU

6.      Wire relay failure outputs to the input of the parallel relay.

7.      Install trip cutout switches at the station (these could be in addition to existing equipment)

8.      Provide end to end testing support for the project

9.      Following completion of parallel operation testing, deactivate the traditional relay rack system



Sample scope of work:

1.      Provide technical expertise and system integration solution including software, SMPs, Ethernet switches, power supplies/buffers, enclosures and configuration services

2.      Configure and commission the SMP 4/DP gateway and recloser controls

3.      Implement recloser remote control (if requested)

4.      Communication validation for intelligent electronic devices (IEDs)

5.      System testing and verification of performance

6.      Commissioning assistance

7.      Single line diagram

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