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Industrial power system software applications

Planning and optimizing industrial power systems requires system modeling with the latest devices and controls installed on networks that include both AC and DC equipment.

Industrial power system software applications
Asset sizing and AC/DC equipment modeling
Simulate system operation and assess power quality
Robust algorithms
Perform complex simulations on AC and DC systems
Network protection and stability evaluation
Develop safe, efficient system

Core features

  • Model any type of network, and AC and DC equipment
  • Identify abnormal operating conditions, system stabiility and protection issues
  • Minimize energy losses with properly sized equipment
  • Power quality problems assessment, filter design and emergency system simulation

Network and co-generation modeling

All types of network and devices can be modeled using the design and modeling capabilities of Eaton’s CYME software for industrial applications.

Planning system assets and ratings

Minimize energy losses and optimize operation with proper planning of transmission networks and on-site generation units.

Optimize system performance

Compare scenarios to determine the most effective network modification plan.
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