Eaton surge protective devices for high-energy surges and transient disturbances

Eaton has a comprehensive line of surge protective devices (SPD) to meet your needs. With innovative, reliable surge protection solutions, Eaton helps reduce costly downtime by protecting sensitive electrical and electronic equipment against the damaging effects of transients. Available in all common voltages and configurations, Eaton surge protection solutions are designed and tested in accordance with IEEE and UL standards.
Surge events—short-term transients in voltage threatening critical downstream equipment—happen for many reasons. including internal devices powering on and off (motors, transformers, photocopiers, fluorescent lighting ballasts, light dimmers, variable frequency drives and more) and external events (lightning, grid switching or electrical equipment in adjacent buildings). Installing appropriately rated surge protection at each location throughout your facility provides a layered defense solution— and helps ensure complete protection of critical equipment.

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“Thanks to Eaton’s expert service and dedicated support, we can now focus our energy on serving our community rather than addressing equipment failures. We have saved at least $15,000 in repairs since installing the surge protection devices.”

Reverend Martin Stratton, Jr., Victory Apostolic Church

Introducing the Eaton Power Xpert SPD

With advanced monitoring display and communication capabilities for surge protection devices, the Power Xpert SPD can be used to track and record surge events and protection status on your facility’s power system.

Eaton Surge Certified Contractor Program

As part of the program, Eaton helps you build a more efficient and rewarding solution practice.

Integrated surge protective devices

Eaton’s SPD series integrated surge protection devices and retrofit surge protective device (RSPF) offers the advanced surge protection for integration directly into Eaton electrical assemblies. With our advanced remote monitoring display, communication capabilities and the lowest possible let-through voltage, Integrated SPD series brings superior protection to Eaton panelboards, switchboards, automatic transfer switches, bus plugs, motor control centers and switchgears. Eaton’s retrofit surge protective device (RSPF) provides a reliable, cost-effective, aftermarket solution for surge protection. Designed for easy field-installation, this is built for installation directly into a panelboard or switchboard without any modifications.

Applications: commercial and industrial

Product series

kA rating Enclosure Nominal voltage Current rating

SPD series

50-400 kA NEMA 1, 4, and 4x 120-600 Vac Up to 4000 A
Retrofit surge protector (RSPF) 50 (on units with filtering), 100 Type 1 enclosure, IP40 208-600 Vac Up to 2000 A
SPD series
RSPF (installed)

External surge protective devices

Eaton side mount versions of surge protective devices are the latest and most advanced UL 1449 4th Edition certified surge protectors. Application of our external mount SPD series, SPC series, CVX series, SP1 series and SP2 series units throughout a facility will ensure that equipment is protected with the safest and most reliable surge protective devices available. Units are available in all common voltages and configurations, and also in a variety of surge current capacity ratings. Available in NEMA 1, NEMA 4 or NEMA 4X enclosures, there is a solution for all electrical applications, including service entrances, distribution switchboards, panelboards and point-of-use equipment.

Applications: commercial/industrial, light commercial, OEM (original equipment manufacturer)

Note: Photos in gallery (right) are not to scale. 

SPD series
SP2 series
CVX series
SPD Max (SPM) series
SPC series
SP1 series
Product series kA rating Enclosure Nominal voltage Current rating
SPD series 50-400 kA NEMA 1, 4, and 4x 120-600 Vac Up to 4000 A
SPC series 50-200 kA NEMA 4X 120-600 Vac Up to 1000 A
SPD Max (SPM) series 100-800 kA NEMA 4 and 4X 120-600 Vac Unlimited
SP1 series 50 kA NEMA 4 120-600 Vac Up to 200 A
SP2 series 45 kA NEMA 4X 120-600 Vac Up to 200 A
CVX series 50-100 kA NEMA 4X 120-600 Vac Up to 400 A

Inline filters

Eaton’s AEGIS series surge protection and filtering devices enhance protection for PLC control systems and lab testing equipment and reduce downtime. The AEGIS factory-sealed body with no replaceable parts avoids maintenance costs and prevents arc flash.

• Applications: OEM and light commercial/industrial
• Enclosure: open
• kA rating: up to 80 kA per phase
• Nominal voltage: 100-240 Vac / 24, 48 Vdc
• Current rating: up to 60 A