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Technical literature

Information to help with Agency and Code compliance. Click on any link to get more technical information.

Code changes based on the 2020 NEC

Compact Circuit Protector application note

Fuseology based upon the CEC and CSA Overcurrent protection fundamentals based on the 2018 CSA CE Code

2017 NEC Code changes specific to Short-Circuit Current Ratings (SCCRs)

Equipment SCCR case study

Fuseology Overcurrent protection fundamentals, based on the 2017 NEC

Bussmann Fuseología; manual en español

Selecting Protective Devices handbook based on the 2017 NEC® New edition with over 300 pages, new organization, too

Code changes based on the 2014 NEC

Four steps to determine equipment SCCR

Fuse to fuse and fuse to circuit breaker selective coordination application note

36-page high-speed fuse application guide

UL surge protection application guide

Data Center Circuit Protection

Solar Circuit Protection Application Guide

Selecting Protective Devices (SPD) Handbook See 2017 edition in the top row for the latest information.

Application Note 10368 Developing an equipment SCCR standard for manufacturers of industrial equipment

Application Note 10367 Developing an effective SCCR plan for facilities and purchasers of industrial equipment

Code changes based on the 2008 NEC

Code changes based on the 2014 NEC

Electrical Plan Review

Quik-Spec™ Coordination Panelboard App Note

Class I, Div 2 Fuses

Selective coordination with circuit breakers and fuses

Selective Coordination for Critical Systems per the 2014 NEC

NEC and Worker Safety

Raceway Systems

NEC Requirements for Equipment SCCR

How to Determine Assembly SCCRs