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  • New Product Introductions

    Eaton is the industry’s foremost developer in advanced solutions for fire, life safety and mass notification. For nearly a century, our products have stood for innovation, service and expertise. We will continue to deliver on our commitment to providing you with with the latest product solutions, exceptional value and outstanding service.

WAVES 10 Release

WAVES 10 software, part of the ALERiTY integrated MNS platform, was developed to operate on the Windows 10 operating platform. New to WAVES 10 includes an add-on feature that integrates with AtHoc Alert, a distributed recipient MNS (DRMNS). Additional highlights of the release include:
  • Common Alerting Protocol (CAP v1.2) messaging enhancement for integration with other MNS/life safety systems
  • SQL Server latest version
  • Improved detection and notification of potential system errors
  • Configurable Baud rate for attached generic serial devices

WAVES Integrates with AtHoc

Eaton now offers integration with the third layer of MNS, Distributed Recipient MNS. The WAVES AtHoc Interface provides interoperability between WAVES wide-area and in-building MNS and AtHoc’s Distributed Recipient MNS, Athoc Alert, which distributes customized messages to targeted devices such as computers, phones (cell, landline, VoIP), social media, and digital display signs. This integration allows customers to send text to speech messages and audio files from AtHoc to WAVES through Common Alerting Protocol (CAP) messaging. Pre-defined scrips can also be activated in WAVES. In addition, the AtHoc integration enables WAVES to be used in locations that employ secure networks such as military sites.:

Introducing Exceder LED3 high candela low frequency sounder strobes

Eaton now offers Wheelock Exceder LED3 low frequency sounder models for both low and high candela settings, ideal for retrofits and new construction for hotels, motels, dormitories, and apartment buildings. The new high candela models feature a 177 candela setting and are designed to meet both the National Fire Protection Association's (NFPA) fire alarm and carbon monoxide 520 Hertz (Hz) code requirements for sleeping areas. In a single device, the Exceder LED3 low frequency sounders can provide alarm signals for dual applications - T3 (Fire) and T4 (CO) tones.

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