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General specifications

Product Name
Eaton Detroit Truetrac Differential
Catalog Number
Catalog Notes
All Eaton differentials made for General Motors 8.5" and 8.6" axles require special bearings. For axles with small bearing bores (race O.D. or 2.89"), usually found on vehicles prior to 1999, bearing LM102949 and race LM102911 are required. For axles with large bearing bores (race O.D. of 3.06"), usually found on vehicles from 1999 to present, bearing LM603049 and race LM603012 are required.

Axle information

Axle Description
GM 12 bolt C-Clip
Axle Location
Axle Shaft Diameter
1.3 IN

Additional specifications

Differential Type
Limited Slip (LSD)
Gear Spline Tooth Count
30 EA
Ring Gear Size
8.875 IN
Ring Gear Ratio
3.73 & up
Vehicle Usage
Off-Road: Light Trail / Sand Sports
On Road: Restoration
On Road: Street and Muscle
On Road: Work Truck / Towing
On Road: Circle Track
On Road: Drag Racing
Off-Road: Extreme Off-Road
Off-Road: Rock Crawl
Off-Road: Work Truck / Towing
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