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Eaton 93PM UPS 30-500 kVA

The performance of Eaton 93PM UPS is proven with over 500 MVA installed capacity globally. It provides the highest availability for mission-critical applications at the lowest Total Cost of Ownership. Eaton 93PM UPS is the perfect three-phase white or grey space solution for today’s data center.

Power rating
30 – 500 kVA
Up to 97 %

Lowest Total Cost of Ownership.

Eaton 93PM UPS costs you less to own because it is more efficient, thanks to leading technologies – many unique to Eaton.

Best of both – Modularity and Resiliency.

Each power module of Eaton 93PM UPS includes all the components required for double conversion operation. In addition, there is one common fully-rated static bypass per UPS. This topology enables the 93PM to combine the benefits of modularity (flexibility, availability and scalability) with the resiliency of centralized static bypass.

Maximum availability.

Whatever the changing conditions – and however quickly they change – the Eaton 93PM UPS is designed to maintain a steady, uninterrupted and clean power supply. This market-leading resiliency is the result of advanced technologies built into the Eaton 93PM.