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easyE4 programmable relays

With the easyE4 control relays from the MoellerTM series, control tasks can be implemented quickly and efficiently, whether it be in industrial, specialised manufacturing or building applications. Up to 11 I/O expansions as well as a wide range of voltages are available. The new easyE4 devices are not only easy to handle, but also offer simple and flexible programming. The easySoft software is intuitive to use and comes with four different programming languages. The addition of other functions, such as the integrated web server and Ethernet interface, turns the easyE4 into a powerful control relay that can also be integrated into IIoT system architectures.  

Versatile use:
DC, UC and AC variants
Maximum flexibility:
Up to 11 expansion modules per base unit
Various visualisation and communication options:
Integrated WEB server

Core features

  • Wide voltage range (DC, AC, UC)
  • Up to 11 local expansion modules per base unit
  • 4 programming languages (LD, FBD, ST, EDP) are available in easySoft
  • Various display and visualisation options
  • Interrupt function
  • Integrated web server
  • DCF77 radio signal analysis 

More flexibility with fewer components

The easyE4 base units and input/output expansion modules are available with DC, AC and UC (universal) voltage, which makes the devices ideal for use in building or machine building applications. By means of up to 11 expansion modules, the base units can be expanded to max. 188 inputs/outputs. All expansions can be mixed and combined as required. Thanks to the clever plug-in technology, the expansion modules can be quickly connected or replaced.

Tailor-made programming options

The user-friendly easySoft software, which is used to program the easyE4 devices, offers a quick and easy introduction to programming. Circuit diagrams can either be created and adapted on a PC, or directly on the base unit. To this end, four different programming languages (LD, EDP, FBD, ST) are available, which can be combined as required.

Use the Micro-SD card for programming

Each base unit is equipped with a micro SD card slot. Via the SD card, existing programs can simply be uploaded to the devices, which makes it much easier to commission standardised production systems, for example. In addition, an individual start-up image can also be uploaded, for example your company logo. The SD card is also used for data logging and the subsequent evaluation of operating states. In addition, the firmware can also be updated via the SD card.

Versatile visualisation options

The easyE4 offers a variety of visualisation options to optimally adapt the solution to your individual needs and requirements. The most convenient visualisation option is to use the easyE4 in combination with the 3.5" XV-102-A0-35TQRB-1E4 touch panel. GALILEO makes it possible to implement graphical visualisations. A second option to display or change texts and data is to use the easyE4 base unit display. Thanks to the integrated web server, the data can also be accessed via internet-enabled devices, such as smartphones or tablets.

Ethernet interface for IIoT solutions

The easyE4 control relays are truly versatile. Up to 8 easyE4 devices can be combined within one NET network. However, it is only when they are integrated into system architectures that control relays demonstrate what they are truly capable of. If used in combination with other products from the Eaton portfolio, such as the XV100 HMI and the XC-152 PLC, the easyE4 can be easily integrated into the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) via the built-in Ethernet interface. A router is used to transfer the data from all connected devices to the cloud, allowing them to be accessed wherever and whenever they are needed.

User interface for accessing the easyE4

The JSON API of the easyE4 web server can be used to communicate via HTTP-GET requests. This means that operands, device settings and easyE4 data can be accessed in writing and reading mode in different programming environments.

The Moeller series - a 100-year legacy

With over 100 years of experience in starting, controlling and protecting motors, the Moeller series offers you a proven product portfolio that will help you use energy more reliably, efficiently, safely and sustainably.

easyE4 control relay

Flexible and efficient implementation of control tasks

easyE4 starter sets

Your starter set contains the new easyE4 base unit with relay or transistor outputs, and the latest version of the intuitive easySoft programming software. Simply program the devices in the programming language that you feel most comfortable using. Whether it’s in LD, FBD, the well-known ‘easy’ device programming language EDP or ST. For easy visualisation, select the easyE4 starter set with integrated XV-102..E4 touch panel.
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