PowerXL DC1 compact variable frequency drives
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PowerXL DC1 compact variable frequency drives

The PowerXLTM DC1 variable frequency drive stands out with its small size and user-friendly interface. The DC1 was specifically developed for use in standard applications such as fans, pumps and conveyors. With the activation of additional parameters and functionalities, the DC1 can also cover demanding applications involving IE4 (Super Premium Efficiency) motors. Thanks to their quick and simple commissioning, the DC1 drives are ideally suited for mass production. With various available mains voltages and a performance range of 0.37 kW to 22 kW, the DC1 also offers maximum flexibility.  

High degree of protection
IP66 for distributed applications
Ambient temperatures
Up to 50°C without any derating
Flexible with expansion modules

Core features

  • Rapid commissioning thanks to 14 basic parameters
  • CANopen and Modbus RTU on board
  • Optional SmartWire-DT and EtherNet/IP connection
  • Degree of protection: IP20 and IP66
  • Integrated PI controller
  • Meets international standards (CE, UL, cUL, c-Tick, RoHS, UkrSEPRO) 

Can be flexibly adapted to any application.

All DC1 models are available with an optional integrated EMC filter or brake transistor. For example, the number of relay outputs can be easily expanded using plug-in expansion modules. In addition, the devices can be connected to Ethernet/IP-based protocols and to the SmartWire-DT system via the available communication modules.

A high degree of protection for distributed applications.

In addition to the IP20 protection-class devices for applications up to 22 kW, an IP66-rated version of the DC1 is also available for applications up to 7.5 kW. Therefore, using the devices in moist, dusty or contaminated environments poses no problem at all. Thanks to the waterproof ABS housing and the corrosion-resistant heat sink, the devices are suitable for use in the food industry, in agriculture, or in vehicle wash systems. The IP66 devices are optionally available with local control elements. These elements feature an integrated setpoint potentiometer, a selector switch and a main switch, and enable the configuration of the DC1 drives directly on site.

A powerful commissioning tool.

Configuration made easy, with the drivesConnect software for PC. In addition, the tool makes it possible to directly trace the behaviour of specific display values during operation, thereby enabling optimum diagnostics.

PowerXL Variable Frequency Drives: DC1 and DA1

DA1 Advanced Drives and DC1 Compact Drives for energy-efficient applications

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