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Compact wall sounder for conventional fire systems

The Eaton discreet flush sounder is designed to be compatible with Eaton's conventional fire systems and is a popular sounder for public areas where aesthetics are key, with a low profile design available in two colours (white and red). 

These flush sounders provide an excellent combination of high sound output and discreet appearance. If more flexibility is required, a 60.3mm surface back box is also available in red.

Red and white variants available
Compact and discreet design for indoor application
Fire certified to meet the requirements of EN54-3

Communicate through crystal clear sound

For situations requiring a discreet and lower volume Fire alarm sounder, such as bedrooms and quiet areas, but with the range of voltages and 32 tones (6 fire certified) expected from Eaton, the compact wall sounder ensures clear audible notification.

A fire sounder that's designed for easy installation

With its design based on Eaton's Askari, the conventional system compact fire sounder offers the choice of a flush mounted with the supplied backbox, or surface mount onto a British Standard 60.3mm back box. Its discreet design makes it suitable for almost any application where a sounder is a requirement.

Unobtrusive, ideal for commercial buildings

The aesthetics of some buildings demand a compact design of fire devices. With its low profile design, the conventional sounder is ideal for retail, hotel and residential applications such as sheltered housing

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