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High output sounder for conventional fire systems

The conventional high output wall sounder has a maximum output of 120dB(a) at one metre, making it ideal for use in areas with high ambient noise levels.

Providing the maximum required noise output for use in emergency evacuations, ideal for areas of high ambient noise such as industrial applications such as warehouses and factories or even crowded public areas such as shopping centres.

Simple to install, the fire alarm sounder uses a first fix backplate onto which the main body attaches with a self-locking press fix assembly. 

Quick and simple to install
Connect to any conventional sounder circuit
Can withstand up to 70°C

Projects change, your fire alarm sounder doesn't need to

The conventional high output sounder is designed with flexibility in mind and offers the ability to customize the volume and sound to suit your needs. The device allows you to choose between an array of 32 tones and has a variable volume setting from 108 to 120 db(A) at one metre.

'Loud and clear' wide area fire notification

A high output fire certified Symphoni, capable of achieving 120dB, enables alerting across large open spaces, minimising the use of multiple sounders, or areas of high ambient noise, such has metal fabrication and processing plants.

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