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EMR6 measuring and monitoring relays

Eaton's large portfolio of Moeller series measuring and monitoring relays provides maximum protection for your application. By monitoring currents, voltages, unbalances and insulation resistance values, any anomalous events are identified early on, thereby preventing extended machine downtime. And our temperature and level relays similarly make control tasks easier and safer to handle. There are 35 different relay types in total, which can all be combined with one another and boast state-of-the-art technology and design. In addition to replacing the previous EMR4/EMR5 series, the new EMR6 devices also offer additional functions. Thanks to their comprehensive approvals and certifications, the EMR6 measuring and monitoring relays can be used across a wide range of applications and geographical locations.

Reducing machine downtime
Lower warehousing costs and faster engineering times
Suitable for global use:
UL, CSA and CCC approvals

Core features

  • High machine availability thanks to early detection of anomalous events
  • Easy configuration via control knobs and DIP switches at the front of the relay
  • With current window monitoring function for current and voltage control
  • Temperature measuring range of the EMR6-T relay: -50 °C to +200 °C
  • Voltage monitoring range of the EMR6-A relay: 90 V to 820 V

EMR6-I single-phase

The EMR6-I single-phase current monitors can be used to precisely monitor and safely switch DC and AC networks in the 3 mA to 15 A range. The relays also come with a new current window monitoring function, which can monitor the current network on both sides.

EMR6-A multi-functional three-phase unbalance relay

The EMR6-A multi-functional three-phase unbalance relay can be used to monitor the voltages of phase failures, phase sequences and phase unbalances, as well as that of the neutral conductor. The phase unbalance monitoring relays have a setting range of 90 V to 820 V.

Level relay

The level relay can be used to monitor fill levels as well as mixing ratios. The level monitoring relay monitors both a minimum and a maximum value, allowing it to control pumps and to protect them against tank overflow or dry operation.

EMR6-V single-phase voltage monitors

The EMR6-V single-phase voltage monitors are specially designed for monitoring and protecting DC and AC networks with voltages of 3 V to 600 V. A single device covers the entire voltage range, which also reduces warehousing costs.

Temperature measuring relays

The temperature measuring relays can be used to monitor machine temperatures, for instance. Users have the option to configure one or two threshold values at the front of the device, and the temperature relay can also be used as a controller for heating/cooling systems. Temperatures are monitored using a Pt100 sensor.

Insulation-monitoring relay

The insulation-monitoring relay makes it possible to monitor and report the insulation resistances of unearthed IT networks and short circuits. The device also features a button that can be used to check its functions or to perform a manual reset.

EMR4/EMR5 measuring and monitoring relays

The new EMR6 series is an upgrade to our EMR4/EMR5 range and represents the state of the art in measuring relay technology. The EMR6 replaces Eaton’s existing range of EMR4/EMR5 relays, which has been discontinued as of March 2019.
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