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Expanders for intruder alarm systems

All security systems have a small number of terminals on the main security board, usually ten. Using an expander lets the system unlock additional zones, with a choice of hardwired or radio. Alarm installers can keep adding expanders up to the limit set in system programming.

Our expanders reduce the maintenance time required with a device locate feature that utilises an onboard piezo sounder. The EXP range also benefits from full diagnostics and fault reporting via the data bus.

Both wired and radio options available
i-onEX range, i-on30R and i-on40H

Simple to install

All Expanders have one-push for semi-auto addressing ensuring a unique device address. This eliminates counting errors and there are no links to lose and speeding up installation.

Wireless security expanders

The EXP-R10 and EXP-R30 are designed for Grade 2 installation. These wireless expanders can also provide wireless radio hold up alarm (HUA) functionality in Grade 3 installations.

Choosing your Power Supply Unit is as easy as 1,2,3

The EXP-PSU-SM is in the small metal enclosure with a 1 Amp power supply. The EXP-PSU-MM is in the medium metal enclosure with a 2 Amp power supply. The EXP-PSU-LM is in the largest metal enclosure with a 3 Amp power supply.

Installation Flexibility

All PSU expanders have ten zones on board and are suitable for two and four wire CC compatibility as well as a range of FSL values. Diagnostic information such as battery voltage, current draw and mains status is transmitted back to the panel on the data bus saving output wiring & programming.

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