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Cloud-connected security systems

The opportunities, trends and vulnerabilities of cloud-connected intruder alarm systems

What are cloud-connected security systems and how can they grow my business?

Smart or "cloud-connected" security systems enable the controlling and monitoring of security systems anytime, anywhere through internet connected devices such as smartphone apps or internet browsers.

Providing installers, end users, alarm receiving centres and third-party communication companies with more flexibility and information than ever before.

The adoption of connected technology is rising quickly as consumers seek greater levels of control, convenience and comfort. Due to this, the global sensor and device market for home security and automation is expected to grow to $4 billion by 2021 (ABI Research).

Much of the growth is linked to the adoption of "smart" homes, projected to cover 91 million residences across Europe and North America by 2020 (Smart Homes and Home Automation). 

Security systems are a vital part of the smart homes trend with IP-enabled surveillance cameras, sensors, panels, and cloud management allowing home owners to remotely manage their systems and receive alerts through push notifications. The rise of IP-enabled security systems does bring with it a number of challenges for installers, including perceived technical difficulties, the encroachment of IT companies, the rising popularity of DIY solutions, lack of training and cybersecurity risks.

Intruder and surveillance systems, like other smart home technologies, are vulnerable to the growing threat of hacking. The prpl Foundation found that smart homes are "woefully" insecure to cyber-attacks and many intruder and surveillance systems simply aren't designed for the increasingly sophisticated attacks that hit cloud-based systems. 

Installers have increased control, flexibility and geographic reach - for example installers based in Birmingham could easily manage systems across the country.

Glenn Foot, Product Manager

Meet Eaton SecureConnect™

Based on over 40 years of security expertise through market leading brands Scantronic and Menvier, Eaton's SecureConnect™ offers a smart intruder alarm solution that has class-leading cybersecurity in its DNA. SecureConnect™ has been rigorously tested by Eaton's Cybersecurity Centre of Excellence in the USA and is hosted by a major multi-sited datacentre - integrating cybersecurity as a guiding principle. Eaton SecureConnect™ has been designed from the outset to deal with the increasingly sophisticated attacks that are targeting cloud-based systems, and regular updates mean it will remain as secure as possible.

SecureConnect™ delivers the control and convenience of smart security with class-leading protection against digital threats, the end-user app itself is secured to the same level as internet banking. All of this means that you and your customers remain securely connected to what matters most 24/7. SecureConnect™ provides opportunities to not only maintain your role in the home security supply chain, but also to grow your expertise and get ahead of where the market is heading.

Installer cloud - Easy access from any internet browser

Eaton's online SecureConnect™ portal interacts with the Eaton cloud to empower installers to make monitoring customers systems simple through a user-friendly interface delivering control and convenience.

  • Manage all of your panels from anywhere in your own assigned area on the Eaton cloud
  • Perform remote configuration diagnostics and software updates on all connected panels
  • Connect any SecureConnect™ enabled panel to the Eaton cloud without the need for complex router configuration
  • Enable or disable end-user access
  • Available online through internet browsers at:


User mobile app - Peace of mind at a glance

The SecureConnect™ app allows homeowners and property managers to conveniently monitor and control their home or premises 24/7 from anywhere.

  • Set, unset and part set alarm systems, switch outputs on/off
  • Monitor and control their system from a smart device
  • Confirms the security of users properties with real-time notifications
  • Verifies events by delivering high-quality images to the users smart device
  • Available through the Google Play and Apple App stores 

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