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Series NRX circuit breakers with Digitrip

Eaton’s Series NRX Low-voltage Air Circuit Breakers meet the needs of low-voltage power distribution applications globally. The compact sizes minimize non-revenue generating floor space, and the modular design and common accessories allow for easy panel and switch board integration. The Series NRX circuit breaker meets any customers’ needs by combining high interruption and short-time withstand ratings with a wide range of trip units and easy to integrate communications.

Series NRX with Digitrip

Introducing Eaton's newest, most technologically advanced ICCB

The Power Defense insulated case circuit breaker

Our new Power Defense ICCB provides all the functionality you have become accustomed to with the Series NRX low-voltage power circuit breaker, and delivers state-of-the-art circuit breaker technology with additional arc flash reduction, built-in communications all in a globally rated breaker. 

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Core features

  • Eaton’s software helps simplify testing, serviceability and customization—yielding significant time and labor savings
  • An enhanced user interface enables engineers to remotely view and adjust the trip unit settings
  • The compact size of Series NRX frames helps reduce non-revenue generating floor space
  • Modular design and common accessories allow for easy panel and switchboard integration
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