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Pringle bolted pressure contact switches

Eaton's Pringle bolted pressure contact switches are fused power circuit devices ideal for high-current applications. They’re UL 977 listed, 100% rated, and utilize Class L fuses.  The product line includes Quick Action (QA), Charge Before Close (CBC) and Fault Protector (FP) open designs, along with NEMA 12 enclosed Pringle Mill Switches (PMS).

Pringle bolted pressure contact switches
Voltage class
240VAC, 480VAC, 600VAC
Current ratings
800A – 6000A
UL977 listed, fused power circuit devices, 200kAIC

Core features

  • Provides current conducting efficiency equivalent to that of a bolted bus bar
  • Ensures long-term switch reliability with its non-magnetic switch bolting mechanism
  • Includes a higher force and distance ratio with its paired washer spring design, which makes it easier to operate the mechanism
  • Switches have a short circuit rating of 200kAIC when protected by Class L fuses
  • Suitable for use in UL 891 switchboards

Switching device Flex Center

Eaton’s custom modification facility to meet unique product needs and specifications of the customer

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