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E51 NEMA limit switch inductive proximity sensors

E51 inductive proximity sensors combine high performance with a familiar limit switch style housing. Modular, plug-in components provide application flexibility, ease of maintenance, less downtime and reduced inventory. Choose from two-wire sensors with AC/DC operation, or four-wire sensors in either AC or DC styles. Connection options include terminal, mini-connector or various lengths of cable. Choose from standard sensors that detect all types of metallic targets. The next page provides more detail on these sensors.

E51 6P+ inductive proximity sensors are fully sealed, pre-wired and designed specifically to ensure reliability under the most adverse of environmental conditions. They have been proven to withstand the penetrating properties of dirt, dust, grit, extreme temperatures and humidity. The unitized design eliminates plug-in connections that can lead to reliability problems in rugged environments.

E51 NEMA limit switch inductive proximity sensors

Core features of the E51 NEMA limit switch inductive proximity sensor

E51 Inductive Proximity Sensor

  • Rugged construction is ideal for industrial environments
  • Viton gaskets ensure a positive seal and high resistance to industry chemicals
  • Direct replacement for worn out limit switches
  • Sensor heads and bodies feature captive screws to eliminate loss
  • All sensor heads include a selector switch to program output function to either NO or NC 
  • Sensor bodies feature bifurcated engagement prongs for a reliable connection when plugging into receptacle stabs
  • Engagement key between sensor body and receptacle prevents improper assembly
  • Sensors accommodate both U.S. and DIN mounting dimensions
  • Wiring terminals feature captive pressure plate saddles for #18 to #12 AWG wire. A green screw identified ground terminal is also included
  • Logic modules are available to provide additional control functions

E51 6P+ Inductive Proximity Sensors

  • The one-piece body and sensing head are both epoxy filled to protect internal components from contamination
  • The head is hard-wired to the sensor body to ensure trouble-free performance
  • Choose from top and side sensing heads
  • Side sensing heads can be rotated to any of four positions
  • Mounting dimensions allow direct replacement of worn out limit switches
  • Rugged zinc die-cast construction withstands physical abuse
  • Connection options include pre-wired cable, body-mounted connector and pigtail connector

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