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Faulted circuit indicators

Eaton’s Cooper Power series faulted circuit indicators offer multiple types of FCIs, ranging from basic circuitry models in the delayed reset style to the more sophisticated circuitry of the test point reset and electrostatic reset types.

Faulted circuit indicators
Offers load sensing
Simplified stocking
Inrush restraint
Improved performance
Low-pass filter
Reduced tripping

Core features

  • Variable trip technology for one-size-fits-all-appliation
  • Design tested to IEEE Std 495
  • Hotstick-installable
  • Inrush restraint to prevent false tripping due to current inrush conditions
  • Remote fiber-optic cable for convenient remote indication on test point models

Load sensing feature reduces inventory needs

The variable trip design eliminates the need to specify a trip rating for the FCI. The load sensing feature adjusts the FCI to normal load conditions, reducing inventory and eliminating problems caused by misapplication of FCIs.

Improve performance with inrush restraint

An inrush restraint feature eliminates false tripping and is standard on all units. The S.T.A.R. faulted circuit indicator will ignore inrush currents caused by reclosing operations of protective devices on the system.

Reduced tripping with low-pass filter

A low-pass filter prevents the S.T.A.R. faulted circuit indicator from tripping on high frequency transients like those caused by capacitive discharges.