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Loadbreak connectors

Eaton’s Cooper Power series 200 A 15, 25 and 35 kV loadbreak elbow connectors and accessories and 600 A 15 and 25 kV Cleer loadbreak technology connect underground cable to transformers, sectionalizing cabinets and junctions. They are ideal for submersible, fully-shielded and insulated plug-in terminations. These connectors are molded using high-quality, peroxide-cured EPDM insulation for reliable field performance.

Loadbreak connectors
Fully meets IEEE 386 Std
Reliable 600 A loadbreak
Simplifies operation
Stress-relieving features
Superior switching and reliability

Core features

  • All 200 A loadbreak connectors meet the electrical, mechanical and dimensional requirements of IEEE Std 386 standard
  • Designed to be fully interchangeable with other components currently complying with IEEE Std 386 standard
  • 15 kV and 25 kV loadbreak elbows are available with integral jacket seal for use with concentric neutral and other types of shielded cable
  • Designed for use on XLPE, EPR or other solid dielectric insulated underground electrical cables
  • Molded using high-quality, peroxide-cured EPDM insulation for reliable field performance

Cut operating time in half with 600 A loadbreak technology

Cleer connector system
600 A loadbreak technology provides efficient, reliable visible break and visible ground. Eaton's Cooper Power series Cleer 600 A loadbreak connector system cuts operating time in half and achieves visible break without requiring removal of 600 A bolted terminations, or moving heavy cables.

Designed for superior switching performance

Eaton's Cooper Power series POSI-BREAK loadbreak elbow connectors use stress-relieving features around current exchange and improved dielectrics from increased strike distance for superior switching performance and reliability.

35 kV large interface elbow bushing system

Eaton's Cooper Power series 35 kV 200 A large interface elbow bushing system is a reliable, field proven design. This system has over 25 years of field experience while being used on large 35 kV distribution systems. Features of the large interface system include increased strike distance to provide greater reliability and overall performance, reliable loadbreak switching and fault closure capability. A full line of large interface accessory products is available.