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Insulated splices

Eaton’s Cooper Power series splices at 15, 25 and 35 kV provides a permanent, fully-shielded, fully submersible cable joint and include advantages for typical applications of repair, replacement or extension of high voltage underground cables.

Insulated splices
Suitable for most applications
Flexible use
Designed for extreme environments
Reliable performance
Fully shielded cable joint
Easy to install

Core features

  • Splices can be installed in conduit, direct buried or in vault applications
  • Meets or exceeds all requirements of IEEE Std 404 standard
  • Designed for use on XLPE, EPR or other solid dielectric insulated underground electrical cables
  • Molded using high-quality, peroxide-cured EPDM insulation for reliable field performance

EZ II splice one piece design

The design features of the EZ II splice including the tapered cable entrance, smooth bore, relieved conductive insert and reformulated rubber provide for easier field installation. EZ II splices have been shown to be 30% easier to install than other splices.

Easy to install EZ II splice for fully submersible use

15, 25 and 35 kV class one-piece EZ II splice provides a permanent, fully-shielded, fully submersible, easy to install cable joint with a current rating equal to that of the mating cable.