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Deadbreak connectors

Eaton’s Cooper Power series deadbreak connector systems meet the need for a deadfront underground installation in main and lateral feeders. They provide a completely shielded, deadfront, fully submersible cable connection for medium-voltage apparatus, including transformers, switchgear and large motors. 

Deadbreak connectors
Fully interchangeable
Complete product portfolio
Ease of use
Advanced connection design
Consistent installation

Core features

  • Can be used to make splices, junctions, taps and deadends for main underground, distribution feeders
  • Meet the electrical, mechanical and dimensional requirements of IEEE Std 386 or equivalent standard
  • Designed to be fully interchangeable
  • 900 amp rating available for use with copper bushing or junction
  • Designed for use on XLPE, EPR or other solid dielectric insulated underground electrical cables
  • Molded using high-quality, peroxide-cured EPDM insulation for reliable field performance

Protection against high-voltage events

Eaton's Cooper Power series deadbreak connectors offer the industry's first complete 200 kV BIL deadbreak system that can reduce the damage done by high-voltage transient events.

Designed for hotstick operation

Eaton's Cooper Power series T-OP II deadbreak connector systems have a 200 A loadbreak tap. They are single-person hotstick-operable, making them ideal for terminations that may require moving or sectionalizing to achieve a visible open or visible ground.

Easier installation with stepless shear bolt connector

The stepless shear bolt connector, used in 600 A and 900 A deadbreak terminations, ensures more installation consistency than conventional shear bolt connectors and eliminates the need for compression tools and dies.