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Eaton’s Cooper Power series junction bars are designed for vault or apparatus applications and can be used for looping, tapping and sectionalizing. 

Unique and efficient sectionalizing solutions
Reduced outages
Durable construction and design
Built for harsh conditions
Vault or apparatus applications
Flexible design

Core features

  • Designed and manufactured in accordance with IEEE Std 386 standard
  • Junction bars are manufactured in 200 A, 600 A or 900 A configurations.
  • In-line junctions available from 15kv to 35 kV in two through six interface configurations
  • Junctions are available with an adjustable stainless steel bracket or “U” straps for mounting flexibility
  • Junctions maybe ordered pre-installed with Cooper Power series sectionalizing cabinets 

Reduce outage durations with Cleer 600A loadbreak

Eaton's Cooper Power series variable and multipoint junctions allow for integration of the Cleer 600 A loadbreak connector system to provide unique and efficient sectionalizing solutions to reduce outage durations.

Designed for the toughest conditions

Junction bars are fully shielded, submersible and resistant to harsh materials.