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Three-phase switches

Eaton’s Cooper Power series three-phase switches provide a wide range of three-phase overhead switches to meet distribution system needs. Bypass switches are designed to provide an economical way for bypassing and disconnecting pole-mounted distribution-class reclosers and regulators, permitting maintenance without disturbing continuity of service. Vacuum switches are for general purpose, distribution automation and distribution switching applications.

Three-phase switches
Distribution-class switches
Multiple applications
Easy installation
High current magnetic forces
Improved reliability

Core features

  • UltraSIL polymer insulators: More durable insulating option than porcelain, offering increased insulating performance in high contaminated environments, high level of safety due to reduced weight compared to porcelain, along with flexibility and strength
  • Silver-plated copper blades: Increased efficiency of current transfer
  • Ease of installation: Consists of three D-73P3 hook-stick operated, bypass switches pre-mounted on a fiberglass crossarm simplifying installation
  • Optional ice shields make the M-Force switch capable of opening and closing with a 3/4" ice build up
  • M-Force Reliabreak pick-up arm: Insulated on one side, which isolates the interrupter from the current path during a close operation
  • M-Force positive locking dead-end brackets: For dead-ending at an angle without any distortion of the brackets
  • DAS switch: Add metering and sectionalizing to existing or future automated smarter grids when fault interruption is not needed
  • VCS-3 switch: For a wide range of inductive current and capacitive current switching applications

M-Force switch supports multiple distribution system applications

Eaton's Cooper Power series M-Force switches are distribution-class, gang operated, three-phase overhead loadbreak switches. The M-Force switch may be used for line sectionalizing, paralleling, by-passing or isolating.

Designed for reliability, durability

The reverse loop contacts utilize high current magnetic forces (M-Force) for added reliability and allow for high contact pressure to be maintained during fault conditions. This feature prevents pitting and distorting of the switch blade and contacts even under severe momentary overload.

D73P switch preconfigured for easy installation

Preconfigured crossarms with bypass switch options allow for quick and easy field installation.

Smart three-phase switching: reliable to its core

Eaton’s Cooper Power series DAS three-phase, electronically controlled, vacuum-interrupting distribution automation switch provides reliable, economical switching, sectionalizing, advanced metering and automation systems for distribution circuits rated through 38 kV. Utilizing industry leading technology, the DAS three-phase switch and iDC control featuring the ProView software platform, host a complete set of switching, automation, metering and data acquisition functionality to maximize system performance and reduce customer outages while optimizing the grid via real-time data.

Capacitor bank switching

Eaton's Cooper Power series VCS-3 switch is designed for a wide range of inductive current and capacitive current switching applications. A variety of options and accessories makes applying the VCS-3 in capacitor switching applications easy.