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Distribution system software applications

Eaton’s CYME distribution system software applications provide advanced network modeling and simulation capabilities. From conception to optimization, these software applications support engineers in modeling distribution systems and addressing the simulation needs for planning, operation support, protection, DER interconnection and other tasks. Analysis functions are performed on balanced or unbalanced distribution network models built with any combination of phases and operated in radial, looped or meshed configurations.

Distribution system software applications
Robust analysis tools
Quickly assess & mitigate system risks & violations
Accurate modeling
Model the system from subtransmission to customer service points
Optimize capital investment
Maximize current assets & return on CapEx

Core features

  • Accurately model medium- and low-voltage distribution feeders and equipment, including distributed energy resources and substations
  • Analyze, schedule and visualize tasks for system growth and asset maintenance
  • Develop use cases for distribution capacity planning studies and network optimization, contingency and reliability scenarios assessment
  • Expand functionalitites through automation and customized scripts

Precision design and modeling

Model the connected HV/MV substations and sub-transmission networks to create a global view for developing exact and efficient solutions. Display networks on geo-referenced maps for a visual that is closer to reality.

Advanced distribution system analysis

CYME software tools are built on the most current algorithms essential to help meet project goals such as system modernization, expansion and maintenance, or system under fault conditions at any voltage level. Add additional modules for more specialized studies.

Managing planning for system growth

System growth and assets maintenance projects require organization, prioritization and analysis of benefits and sustainability measures.
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