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  • Helps meet NERC CIP requirements
  • Secures IED remote access and enhances SCADA communication links


  • No required rewiring in the field
  • Significantly reduces replacement costs, manpower hours and substation downtime
  • Adapts to various configurations using the existing RTU allocated space.  Uses two substation-grade SMP devices and a chassis for field wiring connections 
  • Easy expansion made possible by adding other SMP IO-2230 systems, standalone distributed SMP IO-2230 units or other IEDs


  • The SMP IO-2230 system uses open industry protocols: standard DNP3, GOOSE messaging and IEC 61850 over a TCP/IP or RS-485 link
  • The SMP Gateway automation platform supports more than 80 protocols in order to integrate other IEDs 
  • Both the SMP Gateway automation platform and the SMP IO-2230 system use SMP Manager as their management application, which includes SMP Config configuration tool, SMP Trace, SMP Stats and SMP Log.  Both SMP devices also use the HMI Commissioning Tool.  Using these tools drastically simplifies I/O configuration and integration into the system.
  • Enhanced automation capabilities available with the automation functions and Soft PLC for the automation platform and micro PLC capabilities for the SMP IO-2230 system

Remote management ready

  • Use Eaton’s IED Management Suite (IMS) for remote management, for example password management, configuration management

10-year warranty on the SMP IO-2230 systems

All Eaton’s SMP products are designed to operate without any maintenance for their entire lifetime, when used under normal conditions. All SMP IO-2230 systems, now come with a 10-year limited warranty, the terms of which are described in the 10-year warranty on SMP Products document which is available in the Resources section under Selling policy and T&Cs.

The available models

Eaton’s solution to replace legacy RTUs enables utilities to implement smarter and more secure substations with advanced technology and minimized service interruptions by combining the SMP Gateway automation platform, SMP IO-2230 distributed I/O units, each integrated into a 3U chassis to match the required RTU I/O functionality.

The SMP IO-2230 system is available as standard products for several I/O configuration models. All models share the same software capabilities, limited only by the chassis hardware characteristics, providing reduced learning time and a simplified migration path between models.

Other SMP IO-2230 system models configuration can be made available within a few weeks.

SMP IO-2230-A

  • 32 analog inputs at the rear of the SMP IO-2230 system
  • Disconnect terminations at the front of the chassis

SMP IO-2230-S

  • 64 binary inputs at the rear of the SMP IO-2230 system
  • Disconnect terminations at the front of the chassis

SMP IO-2230-K and -KR

32 control outputs at the rear of the SMP IO-2230 system

The SMP IO-2230-K and KR systems can be setup for the following configurations:

  • 32 Trip/Close pairs
  • 24 Trip/Close pairs and 4 Raise/Lower pairs
  • 16 Trip/Close pairs and 8 Raise/Lower pairs
  • 8 Trip/Close pairs and 12 Raise/Lower pairs
  • 16 Raise/Lower pairs
  • 32 isolated Form C control outputs

Disconnect terminations for the K model and DB25 connectors for the KR model, both located at the front of the chassis (The SMP IO-2230-K model is shown top right side and the SMP IO-2230-KR model is shown just below).

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