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Integrated HMI software

Gain immediate access to automation system operational and non-operational data using Eaton’s SMP Gateway automation platform built-in HMI. View and control all data points with no additional configuration effort. Implement alarm processing and display single-line diagrams or devices front panel diagrams for local substation operation. Access dashboards, statistics, logs and archives to optimize operation and maintenance and meet broader operational goals. This HMI solution provides cost-effective and secure control, data visualization, and alarm management capabilities for utility automation systems. The SMP Gateway automation platform is one of Eaton's grid automation system solutions.

Local and remote access and control
Scalable solutions
Reduced operating costs
Seamless integration
Improved productivity

Core features

  • Reduce hardware, configuration, and maintenance costs
  • Flexible deployment
  • Easy setup and configuration with several self-configuring features 
  • Fast and efficient commissioning with provided additional tools 
  • Fast turnaround, reboots in minutes after most system configuration changes  
  • Reliability
  • SCADA communication unaffected with HMI configuration changes 

Supporting modern substation automation systems

The SMP Gateway built-in HMI function provides local and remote visualization and control of all substation data points, with no additional configuration effort. It also supports alarm processing and single-line diagrams, device front panel diagrams for local or remote substation operation and maintenance. The SMP Gateway built-in HMI eliminates the need for a substation PC with its expensive maintenance costs, software updates and monthly patches.

Direct access with the SMP Gateway integrated HMI

The SMP Gateway integrated HMI is at the core of the automation system. It has access to data from all connected devices. Its extensive processing power easily supports the implementation of the dashboards and single-line diagrams, device front panel diagrams required to operate the modern automation system, while performing SCADA communications.
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