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Typical applications

SCADA gateway and substation HMI

SCADA gateway

With its support for essentially all industry standard and proprietary protocols, using serial or network connectivity, the SMP Gateway is used in thousands of substations worldwide as a SCADA gateway and substation data concentrator, tying together both modern and legacy IEDs.


Substation HMI

With its support for single-line diagrams, comprehensive alarm processing, and Sequence of Event (SOE) logging, the SMP Gateway’s built-in HMI provides all the functionality expected from a substation HMI, without needing to add a PC. Simply connect a screen to the video port, or use a web browser locally or remotely, to access all substation data.

Files and data processing gateways

Asset monitoring gateway

Collect data from dissolved gas analyzers, breaker, bushing and transformer monitors for storage in data historians and Condition-Based Maintenance (CBM) applications.


Event collector gateway

Retrieve oscillography and fault records from protective relays and Digital Fault Records (DFRs), from a variety of vendors, to help locate outages and reduce service restoration time.


Phasor data concentrator

Collect, concentrate and publish data from Phasor Measurement Units (PMU) to improve power system reliability.

Secure remote access gateway

Save on maintenance costs by connecting to substation and distribution devices remotely, in a secure NERC CIP compliant manner with encrypted communications, user authentication, invalid password account lockout and access logs.

Distribution gateway

Add local intelligence to distribution cabinets. Increase cybersecurity, perform logic processing and protect your investment through a future-proof upgradeable platform.

Specific application gateway

RTU upgrade 

Use the SMP Gateway as the automation platform component in an RTU upgrade solution to cost-effectively replace legacy RTUs, adding security and support for modern protocols.


Microgrid controller

Use the IEC 61131 Soft PLC and logic functions to implement a stand-alone power generating, distribution and storage system that can isolate itself from the primary utility grid and provide a reliable and efficient solution to unexpected power loss.

Application video

Setting up an SMP Gateway for the first time

This short video shows how to install the SMP Gateway software and tools on a PC from the ISO file provided by Eaton. It also explains the different tools provided by the management application, SMP Manager, as well as the basic steps the user needs to perform to set up an SMP Gateway to be able to access it locally and remotely from SMP Manager. 


The SMP Gateway automation platform is available in a variety of models and configurations, from simple distribution cabinet applications, to highly critical substation applications with full hot-standby redundancy.

All models share the same software capabilities and security features, limited only by the hardware characteristics, providing reduced learning time and a simplified migration path between models.

SMP SG-4260

  • Rack mountable (19 inches), 2U
  • Up to 32 serial ports
  • Up to 10 Ethernet ports, fiber or metallic, with VLAN tagging and multihoming
  • IRIG-B, synchronization and distribution
  • Advanced Ethernet module with Standard/PRP/HSR capabilities
  • Built-in HMI and alarm management
  • Optional dual hot-swappable power supplies
  • Satellite synchronized clock (GNSS) option with access to GPS and GLONASS constellations (not field- upgradable)
  • Extended input voltage range
  • Optional field upgradeable solid-state drive (SSD) for data logging applications
  • Intel Atom E3845 Quad-core 1.91GHz


10-Year warranty on the SMP SG-4260

All Eaton’s SMP Gateway automation platforms are designed to operate without any maintenance for their entire lifetime, when used under normal conditions. The SMP SG-4260, our latest automation platform, now comes with a 10-year limited warranty, the terms of which are described in the 10-year warranty on SMP Products document which is available in the Resources section under Selling policy and T&Cs.

SMP SG-4250

  • Rack mountable (19 inches), 2U
  • Up to 32 serial ports
  • Up to 10 Ethernet ports, fiber or metallic, with VLAN tagging and multihoming
  • IRIG-B, synchronization and distribution
  • Advanced Ethernet module with Standard/PRP/HSR capabilities (available as a field upgrade option)
  • Built-in HMI and alarm management
  • Intel Atom Dual Core 1.8 GHz CPU



  • Compact shape, can be installed directly in relay enclosure or cabinet
  • IRIG-B input
  • 4 serial ports
  • 2 Ethernet ports with VLAN tagging and multihoming
  • Web-based HMI and alarm management
  • Texas Instruments OMAP3503CUSA, 600 MHz
SMP 4/DP automation platform
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