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Cam-Lok F Series Single Pole Plugs and Receptacles

Crouse-Hinds series Cam-Lok plugs and receptacles are the original cam-style single pole connectivity solution for motors, generators, indoor and outdoor lighting distribution panels, standby power and other industrial power applications.

Cam-Lok plugs and receptacles replace expensive and bulky multi-conductor cables, allowing the use of lighter, single-conductor cables rated at higher amperages.  Cam-Lok connectors also provide the ability to quickly connect and disconnect without tools.

F Series Cam-Lok plugs and receptacles are specifically designed for 120V maximum industrial applications where electrical equipment is exposed to harsh environments.  They are ideal for welding equipment, power distribution panels, patch panels and heat treating applications, and are insulated in a specially formulated thermoplastic or elastomeric material for water-tightness and safety. 

Cam-Lok F Series Single Pole Plugs and Receptacles

Certifications and compliances

  • Meets OSHA requirements for welding connectors
  • Meets NEC Code requirements for listed connectors that are of the locking type
  • NEMA 1 or NEMA 3R (model dependent)

Design features

  • Chemical-resistant, reinforced thermoplastic material
  • Double cam contact provides a positive, vibration-proof connection
  • Locked contacts will withstand a pulling force of 1,000 lbs.
  • No moving contact surfaces, eliminating arcing or burning
  • Contacts carefully machined from a high conductivity brass to provide a smooth sliding fit and easy locking action
  • Color-coded molding for easy phasing identification
  • Single set screw termination for simple assembly (E1010 models)
  • Double set screw termination for added strength (E1012 models)
  • OSHA compliant
  • Easy interconnectability
  • Exclusive Cam-Lok action for high conductivity
  • Accepts a wide range of cable sizes
  • Proprietary high temperature rated reinforced epoxy (E1012 high temperature models only)

Standard materials

  • Insulator – reinforced thermoplastic (E1010, E1012); reinforced epoxy (E1012 high temperature); elastomeric (E1012 only)
  • Contact – brass; silver-plated brass
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