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Open class sounder VAD for addressable fire systems
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Open class sounder VAD for addressable fire systems

Eaton's open class visual alarm device (VAD) for its addressable fire alarm systems offers low current consumption, multiple sound output levels and an energy-efficient LED light source. Soft addressed and loop powered, the range is easily maintained and installed from the system control panel where tones and volume can also be adjusted.

Designed for when an EN54-23 VAD's is required, however, an open class option has been chosen meaning the coverage volume and shape does not restrict mounting height. The 0.4 lux illumination still applies to the open class range.

Available in two options: standard and weatherproof. The weatherproof is rated to IP66 making it suitable for indoor washdown areas such as kitchens, bathrooms and factories and outdoor applications.

Low current consumption
Increasing energy efficiency
Loop connected
Volume and tones controlled by panel
Compliant to EN54-23, 3 and 17
Suitable for the European fire market

Whats the difference between open class and wall / ceiling VAD classifications?

Open class visual alarm devices do not conform to either the wall or ceiling category, with the main difference being the coverage volume is specified by the manufacturer not the standard. Nevertheless, open class VAD's do still need to meet the 0.4 lux illumination requirement. The benefit being that mounting height is not restricted.

Designed to alert; whatever the weather

Specifying for an indoor application that is a washdown area such as in kitchens and warehouses or for outdoor applications? Choose Eaton's IP66 rated weatherproof option and it will alert; whatever the weather.

Clear visual notification during an emergency; approved to EN54-23

VADs provide a clear signal of evacuation for any occupant that may not be alerted by an audible alarm due to working in a noisy environment like a factory, because they are hard of hearing or increasingly in office and educational environments due to wearing headphones.

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