Fire detection systems
UL optical, photo thermal & heat conventional detector range
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UL optical, photo thermal & heat conventional detector range

The UL conventional detector range has been specifically developed to operate with Eaton’s range of UL certified addressable fire alarm system. Using conventional two-wire technology, a UL certified micro interface is required to enable up to 20 conventional detectors to be added to addressable fire alarm panels.

In the range are several detection technologies to meet the challenges of a variety application including optical, photo-thermal and fixed or rate of rise heat.

All utilize a consistent chamber design providing a subtle and attractive solution across a site or project. Each detector base is supplied with a retaining clip to provide additional security in public areas such as schools.

Quick to install with positive 'lock' indication
360˚ visibility LED using light pipe technology
Aesthetically pleasing & discreet to suit any decor

From clean burning to smouldering; Eaton has a detector to suit the application

When to use which technology
  • Optical: most commercial buildings due to the speed to which it responds quickly to burning or smouldering fires.
  • Photo-thermal: commercial buildings with a higher likelihood of false alarms such as student accommodation or mixed-use developments.
  • Fixed or rate of rise heat: environments where ambient conditions might cause regular false alarms from high levels of dust, fumes, steam or smoke such as industrial or some commercial buildings
Eaton Optical Smoke Detector

Optical sensor

The optical detector is suitable for most applications across commercial builds, giving the fastest response to slow burning or smouldering fires. 
Eaton Photo-Thermal Detector

Photo-thermal sensor

Responding quickly to fast, clean burning fires, the thermal enhancement of the photo-thermal detector allows a higher alarm threshold which provides greater rejection of false alarms.
Eaton Multi-Mode Heat Detector

Fixed heat (135°F and 194°F)

The straightforward of the two heat options, the fixed heat detector alerts when the a threshold of either above 135°F and 194°F has been met.

Rate of rise heat sensor

The rate of rise detector alerts to rapid increases in temperature with a maximum threshold of 135°F and 194°F. 

A detector selection to suit wide-ranging applications

The UL range of conventional detectors has been designed to offer choice, but more importantly to ensure no environment is left out when it comes to fire detection and safety. Whether it's for a commerical building or an industrial environment the range has you covered.

A detector base designed for flexibility, simplicity and speed of installation

The UL conventional standard base is the common mounting base used with Eaton conventional UL detectors and is designed to operate with Eaton UL addressable control panel interfaces. Its retaining clip can be replaced with a locking device (supplied) to prevent unauthorised access. This makes it ideal for installation in public spaces such as in schools, hotels, offices and restaurants.

Interfaces that help you to create the fire system you need

An extensive range of interfaces is available to support Eaton's range of UL-listed fire system control panels, providing solutions for most design requirements. These include interfaces to easily assist in system extension and retrofitting and ones that can be incorporated into external equipment such as generators and HVAC. The range includes the shop and zone monitor unit, both are compatible with the UL conventional base enabling full integration of conventional fire detectors with Eaton addressable fire systems.

Eaton UL listed fire systems, setting projects apart from the rest

Since the launch of Eaton's UL Listed fire product range, several prestigious projects worldwide have been supplied with products including the Hyatt Resort and Spa, Shangri-La at the Fort and Times Square projects in South East Asia and several major projects in the Middle East, including within the Riyadh Financial district.