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E56 pancake style sensors

These pancake-style sensors are an excellent choice for applications that require an extremely rugged solution combined with the longest inductive sensing ranges available. Eaton's E56 pancake style sensors feature auto-configurable, complementary outputs for ease of wiring. In addition, power and output LEDs make troubleshooting much easier than in conventional sensors.

Sensing range:
from 40 mm to 100 mm
Ambient temperature:
-25 °C to +70 °C
Operational voltage
10-42 V DC; max. load current 300 mA

Core features

  • The auto-configure output technology on the 4-wire DC models automatically detects how the sensor has been wired (NPN or PNP) and sets up the sensor for proper operation without user intervention.
  • The small-diameter, 2-wire AC/DC models feature a selector switch inside the housing, enabling output contacts to be used as either NO or NC.
  • Range adjustment potentiometers on medium and large diameter units allows for rapid set-up in any machine application.
  • The robust design features impact-absorbing potting compounds that help sensors withstand high shock and vibration environments.

E56 pancake series

Self-contained powerful inductive sensors capable of sensing up to 100 mm. Robust design featuring vibration and impact-absorbing potting compounds.
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