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SIHA PROFERM H+2 combined yeast nutrient prepared from specially inactivated yeasts and fermentation salt (Diammonium phosphate). It is particularly beneficial for nutrient-deficient musts. It helps to prevent fermentation defects, particularly with decayed grapes, highly pre-clarified musts and in the suspected presence of fermentation inhibitors.

80% inactive yeast + 20% Diammoniumphosphate for highly clarified must and must of decayed grapes
Suitable for
Juice with defective grapes and high nutrional demand
max. 3.3 lb/1,000 gal
(40 g/hl)

Core features

  • Promotes alcoholic fermentation (due to high amino acid, vitamin and mineral content)
  • Improves color stabilization (due to polysaccharide content)
  • Fast yeast multiplication
  • Secure fermentation in difficult musts
  • High adsorption potential for fermentation-inhibiting components
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